My blog: stepping into the unknown….

14 March 2015 – update

Ha!  Funny that for my very first blog post I wrote about my capacity for procrastination…. nearly seven months later and only two entries, which, although published, I did not publicise. Incapacitated by what I was going through, and the fear that by writing about it would somehow consume me, coupled with not wanting to be a victim and succumb to the inevitable sympathy that people reflect back at you when you have a diagnosis of cancer.

And then, a few days ago, my friend Tobina “Beana” Mackenzie ‘outed’ me on facebook – I can only assume she’d fallen upon on my blog while traipsing through t’interweb!  Anyway, several other comments from friends all expressing interest, and here I am, feeling spurred on by the collective encouragement.  Thanks Beana, and thanks friends.  I shall try to live up to your interest!



One of my weaknesses has always been procrastination.  In fact, I think procrastination is probably the first really long word I learned as a very young child, as I remember my mother telling me repeatedly that I was a procrastinator!  My problem is that I get tangled up thinking about whether I am going to be any good at the thing I’m contemplating starting – there’s this competitive streak in me that wants to do really well at whatever I put my hand to.  And not doing it at all is sometimes better than taking the risk and finding out I’m mediocre, or worse still, a failure altogether.

SO.  Here I am.  Starting a blog.  I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time.  I’ve had this desire to express myself somehow, someway, somewhere.  I used to keep a journal as a younger woman and while I would never have shared those awful, angst-ridden entries with a public, there’s something in me now that wants to see if what I write can land well with others, be appreciated even.  Having said that, it’s not why I’ve decided to do it.  It’s part of it, but not the whole piece, not the main bit.  I need to do this for me.

What’s my blog going to be about?

Whatever’s on my mind.  Mainly though, I think it’s going to be about family and food – how food and family and the community of both have shaped my life.  Come with me and let’s see where I go with this!



2 thoughts on “My blog: stepping into the unknown….

  1. I wondered how long it would take you.. 🙂 A writer and with much to offer and share! You’ve always fascinated me. Congratulations ZZ xox


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